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I've had two Flower Essence Energy Readings with Maggie Smith. Both were very different in their focus, without my telling Maggie what I wanted or needed to hear. Maggie intuitively sensed the feelings that were affecting me at the time, and created two very different formulas, which were definitely right for me, at each specific time in my life. The essences worked very subtlety, sometimes without my awareness, but a gradual progression. I became more centered, focused on my specific needs, and confident in my choices, whether it was personally or professionally.

Laura B.

  An advanced energy healer, Maggie is a graduate and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery. Her journey with flower essences began in 1993 with the Flower Essence Society of California. She is currently the United States teaching representative for the “Living Essences of Australia”. Over the years Maggie has expanded her awareness of the vitality of flower essence therapy and her knowledge and skills through aromatherapy training. Her flower Essence Energy Sprays are used in exclusive spa and Hospice facilities in California and throughout the US. Maggie has a private practice in Santa Cruz, where she shares this effective life-affirming gift.

In her practice Maggie is available for private consultations where she assists the client in creating a personal flower essence formula designed to help individuals find peace with their life issues.

Our Philosophy

Flowers are one of God’s most beautiful and vital creations. Each flower was created with a unique vibrational signature. “Flower Essence Energy Sprays” contain the life force of flowers. Through a gentle alchemical process these properties have been preserved for our benefit. Each of us also has a unique vibration, when we come in contact with flowers we resonate with their beauty, their fragrance and energy. We move into a feeling of balance and harmony. You can experience this when you use Flower Essence Energy Sprays.

Flower Essence Sprays can be used to clear a room of undesired or disharmonious feelings. When surrounded by these fragrant mists we feel expanded, more receptive and loving, We are stimulated to move past such issues as denial and resistance. Attitudes and belief systems can influence any physical condition, positive or negative.

Using Flower Essence Energy Sprays uplifts our mood. Use of flower essences allows us to become partners in our healing process. Flower Essence Energy makes no claim to be a substitute for medical care.
  Get a Personalized Reading from Maggie Smith

Maggie is available to guide you through Your Flaura Personal Essence process and support you with an intuitive reading.1

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