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"Every morning just before I begin to write I spray “Inspiration” eighteen times. It’s wonderful: that mist just coming down over me.
opens things up”

~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Take 4 drops 4 times daily, in your mouth, in water, place it on your wrist or
5-10 drops in your bath.

Close your eyes, mist lightly around the head and body while focusing on your affirmation, to enhance your well being, and restore harmony and balance to your life. Mist in you home or office to find that moment of calm.

The subtle Flower Essences continue work long after you use your spray or tincture.

Using both spray and tincture support you in moving through the process faster, the key to the best results is consistency in using Your Flaura Personal Essence 3-4 times daily. Spray each time the issue comes up for instant response. It is most important to use the tincture at bedtime and when you awake in the morning.
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