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Maggie, your Flower Essence Sprays work so well that I don't even realize they are working. When I'm focusing on a challenge and Maggie makes a personal spray for me, I use it continuously. A couple of weeks later, I notice that I have forgotten to use the spray. The light goes on and I realize that the challenge is gone. Your sprays simply and effortlessly dissolve the challenge. It is miraculous!

~ Kimberly Marooney, PHD


Flowers have been used for thousands of years, to spice our food, beautify our homes, purify the air, heal our bodies and hearts and ultimately, uplift our spirits. Flowers are one of nature's most incredible gifts to the human race. As healing instruments, flower essences interact to powerfully and gently help us to reestablish a sense of inner harmony and balance. Flower Essences contain the vibratory frequency of each plant's life force, including the environment in which they were grown with light from the sun, moon and stars; they literally capture the energy of the flower in a bottle and contain the frequencies that support our well-being.

Your Flaura is our line of customized personal flower remedies created to balance your unique energy with flower frequencies you select from our bouquet of master Flower Cards from by Vasudeva and Kadambii Barnao, founders of Living Essences of Australia. Vasudeva captures the vibrant CHI of the flowers by pouring water over each individual flower to create a healing resonance for your aura.

These flower pictures allow you to create your own personal formula to support your journey into well-being. (



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